CCJSA Junior Soccer Carnival - 9th & 10th October 2021

Direct expressions of interest to:


U/11 – U/17 mixed

U/14 & U/17 girls

80 teams for a 2 day Carnival on 15 pitches

9th & 10th October 2021
Carnival Coordinator
Vicki Glen
0448 890 376

Carnival Nomination Form 2021



  1. All WA players must be registered with Football West. Teams from interstate must be registered with their appropriate State body or have otherwise sourced their own insurance. If a non-WA team enters, confirmation from Football West is required to have the appropriate registration criteria met to play in a Football West sanctioned tournament.
  2. The appropriate entry fee must accompany team nomination.
  3. Only Teams that are financial will be accepted and no refund will be given after closing date of registration.
  4. Fixture formats may be different for age groups depending on numbers. Ideally a block of 6 or two blocks of 6 is the preferred format. However other examples include 4 blocks of 4, 2 blocks of 5. Age group Football West criteria must still be observed and players must not be greater than two years younger. See Article 8 Annex 9 Junior League under Competition Rules on Football West website for more details on this rule.
  5. Games will be two 20-minute halves.
  6. Each team will play approximately 4 or 5 matches over two days. This may vary if there are fewer teams in an age group. If a team withdraws in the seven days leading up to the carnival or on the morning of the carnival, fixtures will not be changed and this may result in teams in the affected block playing less games than originally fixtured. The opponent of the team that has withdrawn will receive a 3-0 win. If a team withdraws once the carnival has started, the scores from the games they have played will stand and any games fixtured to be played after their withdrawal will result in a 3-0 win to their opponent.
  7. A maximum of five (5) interchangeable players per team per game. Player’s FFA numbers must be listed on the team registration form and submitted on the morning of the carnival at the Administration desk. Each team must also submit a colored printout of photo id for each player in the team.
  8. A maximum of five (5) guest players will be permitted per team.
  9. Academy teams may enter the competition as long as they have been training as an Academy team for the duration of the 2021 season.
  10. Upon arrival at the Hay Park Multi Sport Pavilion, Clubs must report to the CCJSC Administrator.
  11. Coaches/Managers must confirm all players and their shirt numbers on the Official Form. Players must wear the same shirt number throughout the carnival. Any changes must be made prior to games and the registration desk notified.
  12. Team Coaches/Managers are responsible to ensure that their team is ready to kick off at the appointed time. Failure of a team to be ready to kick off at the appointed time will result in that team forfeiting the result of 3 – 0.
  13. Each team provides one linesperson for their game.
  14. Disputes will be dealt with by the P&D Board.

a) The board will comprise three individuals appointed by the carnival organisers that are independent of the team’s party to the dispute.
b) A club representative must contact the registration desk within 1 hour of the conclusion of the game and lodge a dispute in writing with the carnival organiser
c) The decision of the P&D board is final
d) A copy of the P&D board’s decision will be provided to Football West.
e) The P&D board will use the information provided in Appendix 1 as a guide for decision making but is not limited by this information and may choose an alternative penalty depending upon the nature of any offence.

  1. During Games, Coaches must remain in one area and not run up and down the side lines.
  2. Any Player given two (2) Yellow or one (1) Red card will automatically be suspended from their team’s next game. (All Yellow & Red cards will be reported to Football West).
  3. 3 points (win) 1 point (draw). There will be no extra time in any game. To determine final finishing place on ladder, the following will apply:

(A) Where points are equal the team with the best goal difference is the winner.

(B) Where goal difference is equal, the team with least goals against is the winner.

(C) Where none of the above provides a clear winner, the teams concerned will have a penalty shootout.

  1. Where there is only one block, there will be no finals and the winner is the team with the most points at the end of the round robin draw. In age groups where there are two or more blocks’ finals will be played.
  2. Any damage caused to property &/or buildings by Players or Club Members during the weekend of the carnival is the responsibility of the Club in which they are registered or accompanying.
  3. Any team that is reported to the organisers by the accommodation providers for misbehavior on Sunday morning will be disqualified from the 2021 carnival & not permitted to enter in 2022. Misbehavior reports after the carnival will result in that team being disqualified from the 2022 carnival. Examples of misbehavior include vandalism to property from misappropriate use, disturbing other guests by entering or knocking on their doors, bullying of other guests or staff, excessive drunken behavior of parent(s).
  4. End of Carnival and Trophy and Medallion presentation will be made to winners in each age group. Runners-up will receive medals if there are more than 3 teams in the competition.
  5. This event will be enforcing the Zero Tolerance to Alcohol whist anyone is in attendance. If you are caught with alcohol this will affect your team by means of disqualification. These measures need to take place in order for the CCJSA to keep some control of the event and maintain the integrity of the tournament.

Acceptance of entry into the Carnival signifies complete acceptance of the above rules.

Receiving two yellow cards in the same fixture
Serious foul play
Denying the opposition team an obvious goal scoring opportunity
Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
Causing the abandonment of a fixture (player)

1 match
1 match
1 match
1 match
entire tournament

The following offences may also result in elevation to Football West disciplinary process:

Violent conduct
Serious violent conduct
Spitting at a player or other person
Using discriminatory language and or gestures including Racist, religious, ethnic or sexist language and or gestures

2 matches
entire tournament
entire tournament
entire tournament