The CCJSA adopt all polices of Football West & FFA relating to the following:

    • Laws of The Game
    • Football West Code of Conduct
    • Football West Spectator Code of Behavior
    • National Privacy Policy
    • National Member Protection Policy
    • National Disciplinary Regulations
    • National Grievance Resolution Regulations
    • National Arbitration Tribunal Regulations
    • National Anti-Doping Policy
    • Social Media Guidelines
    • FFA Concussion Guidelines


a) Procedures at all meetings will be conducted in accordance with the Australian Rostrum publication “Take the Chair”.

b) With any motion being resolved at a Committee meeting cannot re-introduced for the remainder of the season.

c) The Junior Association shall convene meetings of all delegates when deemed necessary. A full report of such meetings shall be recorded in the Association’s minutes.

d) The Delegates meetings will be held at a date, time and place to be fixed by the Committee. The Delegate must be an elected member of the Club he/she represents. The Delegate must sign an attendance book.

e) If a club or body is not represented at 3 consecutive meetings the club will forfeit any voting rights until the following AGM. The Committee reserves the right to apply the penalty based on exceptional circumstances.

f) All persons present and entitled to vote will vote on all questions. Apologies for non-attendance at such meetings must be in writing, or telephone to the Administration Officer prior to the meeting commencing.


a) The affiliation fee must be accompanied by the standard form setting out:

  1. Name of Club, Association or Body, postal address and email details
  2. Name of President, Secretary and Treasurer, email and phone numbers.
  3. Club colours and change colours.
  4. Name and situation of playing grounds.
  5. Nominated Delegates

b).Affiliated clubs wishing to enter teams in the CCJSA League Competition must lodge their team’s entries (on the form supplied) with all coach’s names, email and contact number, with the Administration Officer by the date nominated for that season.

c) Clubs shall not feature in their Club Name, the name of a foreign country, State or place or have a name with political implications.


a) To ensure that all hard copies of match cards for all games are with the Recorder by Thursday following the game.

b) All match cards must be scanned or photographed and sent to the Recorder no later than 6pm Monday night.

c) Match cards shall be printed in block capitals and ink. In the event of it being proved to the satisfaction of the Association that a match card is incorrectly filled in; the offending Club shall be held responsible and a fine may be imposed.

d) If the hard copy of the match card is not received by Thursday evening this will result in a $50 club fine.

e) To ensure that each club and the Association have a first aid kit, suitable for dealing with common sports injuries, ice packs and stretcher are all available at the grounds easily accessible not locked away. Failure to comply may lead to the Referee choosing not to start the game.

f) Each club will be responsible for finding their own ground for training and competition games.

g) Registration cards for U11 – U17 may be required to be presented at all games. Players not able to produce their registration card may be refused permission to play by the opposing team coach or manager.

Coaches for all FIFA competition games will be restricted to a technical area for the duration of play and may only convey tactical instructions from this area during play. The technical areas must be marked on all pitches. The technical area will start I metre on the defensive side of halfway, and will extend for ten (10) metres along the defensive touchline. The technical area will extend forward to no closer than 1 metre from the touchline.

h) The results of the home team must be recorded in Sport TG by the first Monday after the game.

i) All particulars the CCJSA may require from clubs, associations or bodies must be supplied to the

Administrator before the closing date specified.

j) Any incident occurring before/during or after a CCJSA fixtured match, clubs are asked to seek advise from the CCJSA before pursuing any further action.


As per regulations – Play Football

The Junior registration cards will have attached one (1) recent passport type (head & shoulders) photograph of a size not less than 5cm x 4cm, not greater than 6cm x 5cm.


a) If a player requires transfer mid-season, any club has the right to refuse an immediate clearance if a player has club property in his / her possession.

b) Any club found to be placing undue pressure on a player wishing to transfer to a club of his / her choice will be cautioned. If the club or persons is again brought to the attention of the CCJSA that it is continuing then the organization will be refused membership the following year.

c) The transfer period shall run from the Annual General Meeting of the Junior Association until the 30th June of each calendar year.


a) All Clubs are responsible for appointing referees for all their home games.

b) All FIFA games must have a referee who has completed the Level 5 online course.

c) All Level 5 Certificates to be forwarded to the CCJSA before the commencement of the season.

d) Failure to have the appropriate accreditation may result in a $50 club fine.

e) Referees shall have the power to decide as to the fitness of the ground in all matches. If through weather conditions or other acts of God a match is abandoned after the half time whistle the score shall stand at the time of abandonment. If the game is abandoned before the half time whistle due to weather or acts of God the game shall be replayed, but should any match be abandoned through any other causes, discretionary powers as to the awarding of, replay or penalty shall be decided by the CCJSA Executive Committee.

f) Should a Referee not arrive prior to kick-off time, both teams will have an agreed person to Referee the game. Should the first person prove to be unsuitable the home team will provide a second person who must referee the game and who will assume the same responsibilities of an official referee.

g) The Referee’s decision will be final.

h) The home team shall be responsible for 100% of the fees due to a club official referee appointed.

i) Referees to hand match cards to an official of the home club for forwarding to the Recorder.

j) Coaches are not permitted to referee their own games.

k) If a referee is unavailable the home team coach may officiate but must nominate another club member to coach the team.

l) In small sided games the coach can be expected to fulfil the role of game leader.

m) In the U11-U12 age group the coach of the team will not be allocated as a referee, can fill in if needed.

n) The team coach, ground marshal and linesman are the only people permitted to communicate with the referee.


a) Every Club or Body is responsible to the Association for the action of its players and officials. Clubs are further required to take all precautions necessary to prevent spectators threatening or assaulting referee’s, Linesmen, Officials or Players during or at the conclusion of matches.

b) Any person or club abusing or striking the Referee, Linesman or Official is liable for a Life suspension.

c) Any misconduct towards the Referee away from the field of play, anytime prior or after the game, shall be dealt with in the same way as if the offence had been committed on the field.

d) Any team walking off the field without the Referee’s permission, prior to the conclusion of the game, shall forfeit the points of the game.

e) If any team refuses to enter the field to commence a game for any reason at all, except with the approval of the Referee, the club may forfeit points.


a) Eligibility for representative junior teams – To be deemed eligible for Country Week a player must be registered to a South West Soccer Association, listed below, in the current season and played a minimum 50% of that associations scheduled club fixtures.

b) Eligible Associations are;

– Country Coastal Junior Soccer Association and the South West Soccer Association

c) All players must participate in all games expected of representative teams and abide by the Junior Association rules.

9.Competition Rules 

a) The League, Top 4 Cup and special competitions shall be arranged by the Association Committee.

b) The Junior soccer season will commence in May and finish in September.

c) 1. Every friendly game or carnival to take place during the season must first be sanctioned by the CCJSA via written communication.

2. Clubs applying to the CCJSA for permission to hold a carnival must present a copy of the rules and a programme with the application. When accepted these must not be changed.

d) All Cups, Carnival, Charity or Friendly games organised by the CCJSA shall automatically come under the Constitution and By-Laws of the Junior Association.

e) The duration of each match shall be stated by the CCJSA.

f) Teams not ready to start ten (10) minutes after the stipulated time will forfeit the game 3-0.

g) 1. Any club forfeiting a match must give notification of such decision to the Administrator of the CCJSA prior to the commencement of the game any club deciding to forfeit shall have 3-0 recorded by the Recorder.

2.In the event that a game has to be re-arranged, it is the responsibility of the two teams involved in the to initiate the re-arrangements within 2 weeks of the original date of game. Failure to do so will result in a 0-0 being recorded.

h) League fixtures postponed due to weather conditions as per the weather policy, at the discretion of the CCJSA will be played by mutual agreement. Teams failing to play within 2 weeks will record a 0-0.

i) Players in all matches must appear in the Clubs registered colours, numbered shirts or jerseys with sleeves, shorts, footwear and shin pads, in accordance with the laws of the game. Referees must examine footwear for protruding nails or spikes prior to the commencement of all matches. In the case of players infringing these rules, the Referee shall have the power to order the offending players off the field to rectify their playing strip or footwear. Goalkeepers must appear in a different colour to that registered by the clubs competing.

j) Once a player has re-registered with the club of his / her choice, should he / she subsequently wish to join another club then he / she must apply for a transfer in the manner set down in the rules.

k) Girls playing in a girl only FIFA competition must play in the correct age group according to their age on or after the 1st January each year. i.e. a girl who is sixteen (16) in the year in question may register in the under sixteen (16) age group.

l) Girls playing in mixed FIFA competition are eligible to play in a competition where the maximum age is one year less than their age on or after the 1st January each year. i.e. a girl who is seventeen (17) in the year in question may register in the under sixteen (16) mixed age group.

m) Any player with a disability is are eligible to play in a FIFA competition where the maximum age is one year less than their age on or after the 1st January each year. i.e. a boy / girl who is seventeen (17) in the year in question may register in the under sixteen (16) mixed age group. This dispensation may be granted by the Association following a written application by their Club, and the receipt of written proof of disability by the Association Registrar.

n) In all cases where ineligible players are played in a Cup or League engagement, the game shall be awarded to their opponents 3-0 in addition the offending club will be fined as per Football West policy.

o) Any club proved to have deliberately played a non-eligible player, for any reason at all, will be liable to a fine and the points of the game shall be awarded to the opposing club. The player and the coach shall be liable for 5 match suspension in all matches sanctioned by the CCJSA. The team will lose all match points up to that game and 3-0 loss for that game and a fine as per Football West policy.

p) Clubs may utilise the services of their junior players for any number of higher age group games and such players are still eligible to play in their registered age group.

q) At the completion of each season, which is after the AGM of the Association, all players are free to re-register. No transfer is required.

r) In all matches except Top 4 Cup the first named team shall be considered the home team and accept all responsibilities

s) In all Top 4 Cup ties ending in a draw, the game shall go to penalties.

t) Eligibility for Top 4 games – player must have played at least 5 x “home and away” matches for that team during the current season, any exceptions to this by law may be decided upon by application to the executive committee.

u) 1. Player shall not play for more than one team in the same age / group in the same League and Top 4

Cup Competition. Playing such ineligible boys / girls shall disqualify the team from the competition for the current year.

2.In ALL fixtures ALL players on the match card MUST be available to play.

v) All Cups and Trophies must be returned to the Administration Officer as requested.

1.All Club Secretaries shall be informed through an email of all trophy holders at least five (5) days prior to the date stipulated for the return of trophies. 

2.League and Cup winning teams will be awarded up to a maximum of 16 medals, according to team registrations.

3.Teams of un-financial clubs will not be permitted to take part in any finals and / or Trophy Presentations.

w) The penalties for playing an overage player are as follows;

1.Any coach found to have played an overage player in a CCJSA Competition may be suspended for the remainder of the season and fined.

To download CCJSA By Laws, click here.