Eyewear RecommendationWhen playing contact sports such as football or rugby, children need to wear adequate protection that has been designed to do that job. Ordinary spectacles and contact lenses do not protect the eye adequately from impact or projectiles, and on occasions, can be more dangerous if the glass or contact lens shatters.

Fortunately there has been a great deal of research and technology gone into making sports eyewear that is safe, durable and lightweight. Key features to look out for are as follows:


Frame Design

Most sports frames are constructed of highly impact- resistant plastic or polycarbonate. Choose a wraparound design (For examples see the Leader and Progear ranges) that will provide good peripheral vision or ensure that the squarer goggles have good side protection (For examples see the Basto or Zoom ranges). This will ensure that the frame covers the entire eye socket protecting the eye from impact and UV radiation as well as providing protection against the wind and flying debris. Also look out for lightweight frame. They offer more comfort and are longer wearing.


The frame should have padding at the temple points and bridge points to cushion any impact. Padding will absorb some of the shock and ensure the frame itself does not cause damage to the facial structures.

Retaining Band

The frame should be secured by an elasticized band, not temple arms alone. The frame must be secured tight to the head so that it won’t fall off. A frame with temple arms without an additional retaining band can easily fall off if nocked.

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