Handbooks By Peter Dohnt

FFSW X-Cell Ball Mastery Handbook

The CCJSA would like to thank Peter Dohnt from FFSW for taking the time and effort during this difficult time, by putting together a booklet for our members to view and practise their skills while we are all in isolation waiting for soccer to resume.

Here is the link to download the booklet: FFSW X-Cell Ball Mastery Handbook

Peter is working on another book and as soon as he has finished I will let you all know.

Fantastic work Peter! We all appreciate your work and I am sure the players will have fun trying out these skills.

FFSW X-Cell 1v1 Handbook #2

How to best beat your defender

FFSW Regional Development Officer Peter Dohnt has been keeping himself busy and produced his second book for you all to see. Share with your friends and get practising, Peter would love to see your new skills when we return to soccer.

Here is the link to download the booklet: FFSW X-Cell 1v1 Handbook #2

FFSW X-Cell Handbook #3 Running With The Ball

FFSW X-Cell Handbook #3 Running with the ballPeter Dohnt from FFSW has been very busy and produced another book for you all, thank you Peter, this is also available on the CCJSA website. 

Here is the link to download the booklet: FFSW X-Cell Handbook #3 Running with the ball

If anyone is having issues seeing any of the 3 handbooks please message me soccer@ccjsasoccer.com.au and I will email you a copy.

FFSW Handbook #4 Cardio Fitness #1

FFSW Handbook #4 Cardio Fitness #1

Here is another handbook for our members, Peter has been a very busy person producing the many booklets he has during isolation, thank you we all appreciate your hard work.

Here us the link to the booklet: FFSW Handbook #4 Cardio Fitness #1

With some clubs commencing training, now is the time to get fit ready for the season to commence.