About the CCJSA

A not-for-profit organisation growing the junior soccer community in Greater Bunbury


Our mission

We're creating a nurturing, educational, and competitive environment that promotes soccer to the youth of Greater Bunbury. Our mission is to spark a passion for the game in children aged 5 to 17, mentor coaches to achieve their full potential, and build communities that embody the spirit of teamwork. The driving force behind our efforts is witnessing the remarkable growth in our young players, not just in their football skills but also in their life skills.


Our organisation

CCJSA stands out in the Greater Bunbury region, not just for our love of soccer, but for our commitment to our kid's growth and our community's well-being. Our blend of fun, education, and community support is a winning formula and we've seen a massive jump in soccer participation with our programs. Our coaching resources, free workshops, and hands-on developmental programs underpin our philosophy: better coaching breeds better players, and together, we keep the beautiful game alive and kicking in our region.



Our story

In 1974, Dick Fearon, George Faulds, John Slepikowski, and Rocky Calabrese founded the Bunbury and Districts Junior Soccer Association (BDJSA). Their mission was simple yet ambitious: to create more opportunities for kids to play soccer. It started small, with just a few teams and limited age groups, but it was the beginning of something much bigger.

As the years passed, soccer's popularity surged alongside the growing population of our local area. Responding to this demand, the BDJSA expanded, introducing more age groups and welcoming new clubs.

However, the journey hit a bump in 2002 when internal disagreements led to the BDJSA's disbandment. Yet, this setback paved the way for a new era. Under the leadership of Bob Chisolm and with a new emblem designed by Dick Fearon, the Country Coastal Junior Soccer Association (CCJSA) emerged. It wasn't just a successor to the BDJSA but a fresh start with a clear vision for the organisation to be as devoted to their players' well-being as to their success on the pitch.

Embracing innovation and collaboration with local clubs and businesses, the CCJSA has built an inclusive, competitive, and forward-thinking soccer community. From the initial efforts of a few enthusiasts, it has grown into a robust association. Today, with 9 member clubs and over 1500 registered players, it stands as a testament to the Greater Bunbury community's passion for soccer and its commitment to nurturing young talent.

Our team

Vicki Glen, Administrator

Vicki serves as the bridge between the CCJSA and our local clubs. She organises tours and events like Country Week and works hard behind the scenes to collaborate and engage with the community.


Peter Dohnt, Development Manager

Peter runs our player programs and coach workshops, ensuring our club teams are equipped with the best methodologies and our kids benefit from the best training.


The CCJSA also boasts a dedicated board of members tasked with overseeing the Operations and Strategic Planning of the organisation. Each club within our association is represented on the board, ensuring that every member has a voice and contributes to the direction of the CCJSA.


... and introducing Sam Page to our CCJSA family.

Sam has taken up a part-time position with CCJSA as our development officer to help Peter service our clubs and promote the sport in the schools and region. 

We are excited to add Sam into our coaching ranks, he will be an excellent addition. 

Sam came to us a couple of years ago after a club development session at Hay Park with his team. From this session, Sam wanted to learn more about coaching and grow his skills. He volunteered in our training centers, assisting our coaches, and eventually moved up as a part-time coach. He has also been a successful country week coach with both the boys and girls squads. 

Please welcome Sam as he will add value to our programs and all the players and coaches he comes across.

Opportunities to get involved

We are more than a soccer association; we are a family that grows with every new player, coach, and club. Whether you're looking to develop your skills on the pitch, inspire young players as a coach, or support our mission, there's a role for you in CCJSA. Reach out to Vicki to explore partnerships, join our workshops, or become a part of our vibrant soccer community.

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