What the CCJSA has to offer players & parents

Soccer programs and pathways for juniors of all ages and ability

We’re here to make soccer safe and fun for junior players in Greater Bunbury. With a range of opportunities available we make kickstarting your child’s sporting journey or taking it to the next level easy. 


Exceptional programs designed to enhance your soccer skills

Little Kickers (Ages 4-7)

The perfect starting point for young players, whether they're new to soccer or have some experience.

Our program builds a strong foundation in skills and physical activity, fosters a love for the game and teamwork, and is available year-round.

Junior Skills Academy (Ages 7-12)

Designed for players aged 7 to 12, this program focuses on enhancing individual skills, encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship, and helping players gain confidence.

Skills Acquisition Phase (SAP, Ages 9-12)

This program identifies talented players aged 9 to 12 and offers them a year-long journey to refine their skills and reach their potential.

It includes specific training to elevate skills, exposure to competitive soccer environments, and a pathway for advancement.

Youth Skills Academy (Ages 12-16)

For players aged 12 to 16, this program aims to improve soccer abilities through focused skill development, advanced coaching techniques and strategies, and preparation for excelling in competitive leagues and teams.

Advanced Training Squad (ATS, Ages 12-16)

Designed for players aged 7 to 12, this program focuses on enhancing individual skills, encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship, and helping players gain confidence.

Talented Support Program (TSP, Ages 12-16)

An invitation-only program for top-performing players aged 12 to 16 who have excelled in other CCJSA programs.

It offers access to specialised coaching and resources, recognition of top talent and potential, and opportunities to represent CCJSA at higher levels of competition.


"Being a part of the CCJSA has taught me new skills; my confidence has grown and I’ve learned to play with lots of different types of people. What I enjoy most about CCJSA programs or events are the tours and competitions that we get to play in. The coaching and training I've received with the CCJSA have been great. I get lots of feedback and encouragement to help grow my skills and confidence. My overall experience with the CCJSA has inspired me to be a pro."



"Being a part of the CCJSA has helped my mentality towards the game and developed my skills. What I enjoy most about CCJSA programs and events is that they are fun, and I'm happy to be playing soccer all year round with my friends. The coaching and training I've received with the CCJSA is more than just passing, shooting, dribbling, and defending; they focus on strategy, structure, and total gameplay. My experience with the CCJSA has enhanced my love for soccer, giving me more opportunities to play."


"CCJSA has helped me by improving not only my confidence but also my football skills and my ability to coach younger children. I enjoy the culture of CCJSA programs and events, how it's not just about the game, but about having fun and improving each person's ability to progress in football. I really liked being part of Country Week and the competition this year. I had the pleasure of being coached by Shane last year with Phoenix and this year for Country Week. I was happy to hear that he was our coach this year as he has helped me to build my confidence and football skills.

Working with Peter and Sam and learning how to coach has made a positive impact on me. I not only continue to enjoy the game I love to play, but I now have a strong passion for coaching and sharing my knowledge and love of football with the younger kids."


Exciting opportunities for players to showcase their skills

Country Week

Our representative squads compete in a tournament against other regional associations in WA, showcasing players' skills on a bigger stage, fostering camaraderie among teammates, and providing exposure to higher levels of competition.

Regional Development League

This year-long program allows identified players to train once a week and play once a month against other teams while still representing their local club. It provides consistent training and game opportunities, maintains a connection with the local club, and exposes players to a broader range of opponents and playing styles.

International Tournaments

Represent Australia in international tournaments held in Asian countries like Borneo, Phuket, and Singapore. Showcase your skills on a global stage and gain exposure to top-level competition.

UK Tour

Experience soccer abroad with our tours to the UK. Join a squad of 15–17-year-old players for a unique opportunity to play and immerse yourself in the soccer culture of the UK.

Kanga Cup

Participate in prestigious tournaments like the Kanga Cup in Canberra, the largest junior tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. Test your skills against top talent from across the country.


"I have had the pleasure of watching not only Cooper’s skills improve but his confidence. His passion and drive for soccer has grown exponentially over the past 12 months. He’s made lots of fabulous friends from all the different programs he’s participated in. The transition to high school was made easier by knowing kids from these programs. He gets to interact with kids of all different ages, learning to be a good role model. I love that he learns from different coaches, sometimes a skill suddenly clicks when someone different explains it. Cooper participates in competitions, development programs, fun programs, and charity events, making a small difference in people’s lives.

CCJSA is incredible with communication for both players and parents. I never feel out of the loop. Feedback on Cooper’s development is always readily available. The coaches and staff are very engaging with both players and parents, helping develop them into great people.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for CCJSA. Any specific requests that I’ve had to help Cooper participate in programs have been accommodated with kindness and compassion.

Cooper has participated in many other sports programs, but CCJSA never feels like they’re just taking kids for the sake of numbers. The staff have a genuine interest in each child’s development, not just as soccer players but as people. They encourage community participation, playing with people of all abilities and walks of life, being a good person, and giving back to the community. CCJSA feels like a community, not just an activity."


"Ethan's skill levels have improved, and the added social interactions with older kids have also improved his personal confidence. The CCJSA encourages a collective mentality; it's not about one child, it's not about one team, they are the CCJSA. The support and camaraderie within the CCJSA country week teams has been outstanding. The programs are well run and well organised, with even the smallest detail thought about and covered."


"Cooper has benefited from participating in CCJSA programs as CCJSA has provided him with opportunities he wouldn't have had anywhere else. CCJSA fosters not only a passion for football but also for both individual growth, and for teamwork. CCJSA proves time and time again that they are an association that provides tremendous support to parents and players. The staff, including coaches and administration, have exceptional communication skills. For the players, this is presented as passion for learning, kindness, and encouragement. For the parents, they are guaranteed timely responses to communications and know that their child is being nurtured and supported on the field.

CCJSA took Cooper on during terms 3 and 4 for his Work Place Learning (WPL) as per his year 11 requirements through SEDA. He enjoyed the learning experience and was then asked to take on a paid coaching role, reflecting his growing football and coaching skills and his character as a whole.

CCJSA provides a fantastic opportunity for children by enabling them to participate in Country Week and offers terrific opportunities to learn and grow through Work Place Learning."



We want soccer to be a game everyone can enjoy

Your safety and inclusion matter and we're all about making sure every player finds the perfect program. That's why we've introduced initiatives like Walking Football and teamed up with organisations like Football Futures, Inclusion Solutions, and the WA Para Program. 

As the official regional football league, we're not in it for profit. Every dollar we make goes right back into our community through our programs and support.

Many of our players from the region have gone on to shine in higher programs in Perth and beyond. It's proof that regional sport has no limits.

So, are you ready to kickstart your soccer journey or take it to the next level? Get started by filling out the form below!

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